Rafael Casias
Pro Boxing

Greg Michael
Amatuer Boxing - Golden Gloves

Buddy Clinton
Pro MMA - Middleweight

Gaylan Flemmings

Alonzo Martinez

Rodney McSwain
Pro MMA/Boxing

Daniel Cohen 
Amatuer Boxing - Golden Gloves

Natalie Nicole Snyder
Amatuer Boxing - Golden Gloves

Johnny Lozano 
Boxing - 2008 Dallas Golden Gloves
​(152 lb Champ)

Kurt PItman
World Amateur Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion 

Francisco de los Cobos
​Amatuer Muay Thai

Johnny Shaw 
Multiple TX and US Champion 

Chris Jones

Rogelio Contreras
Amatuer MMA

Federico David Olivera
Pro Boxing/MMA

Marcus Hicks 

Jeffrey Cooper
Amatuer Muay Thai

John Perez
Amateur Boxing

Delis "Cuba" Borges

Joshua Reilly Flynn
Amateur Muay Thai

Johann Hubert
Dallas Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion Open Division

Jacorien Walker
Amatuer MMA

Xavier Franklin
Amatuer MMA

​​​​George Prevalsky

Marily Martin
Pro Muay Thai/Kickboxing (WCL)

Armando Servin 
Pro Muay Thai/MMA

Jonas "J.J." Padullon
Amatuer Boxing - Golden Gloves

Darren Bradford
Amateur Kickboxing

Past Fighters

Ina Prevalsky

6 Time State (Girls & Boys Div) & 5 Time US Junior Olympic Taekwondo Champ  

Alan Ibarra
Amatuer MMA

Antwan Williams 

Blake Wells
Amateur MMA

Katsuaki "Katsu" Kiuchi
Muay Thai

Joey Pena
Pro Muay Thai

Sunia "Nia" Filikitonga
Texas MMA Amateur Champion

Muay Thai & Boxing Club

Kevin Simmons
Amateur MMA

Will Campuzano
​Pro MMA


​​​​​George's background is best described by the achievements of the great competitors he has worked with. He has ​developed and trained some of the top Amateur and Professional strikers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area, to which many attribute to his adept level of instruction and keen attention to the details and subtleties of Boxing and Muay Thai. To name a few, here is a list of all the amateur and professional fighters he has helped to train. 

Active Fighters

Vanessa Aliling Rojas
​Pro Muay Thai

Copyright 2016 - George Prevalsky 

Joseph Salas 
Pro Muay Thai/MMA

Joey Soto