Joey Soto 

Johann Hubert
Dallas Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion Open Division

John Perez
Amateur Boxing


​​​​​George's background is best described by the achievements of the great competitors he has worked with. He has ​developed and trained some of the top Amateur and Professional strikers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area, to which many attribute to his adept level of instruction and keen attention to the details and subtleties of Boxing and Muay Thai. To name a few, here is a list of all the amateur and professional fighters he has helped to train. 

Active Fighters

Marily Martin
Pro Muay Thai/Kickboxing (WCL)

Jacorien Walker
Amatuer MMA

Buddy Clinton
Pro MMA - Middleweight

Gaylan Flemmings

Rogelio Contreras
Amatuer MMA

Alonzo Martinez

Daniel Cohen 
Amatuer Boxing - Golden Gloves

Natalie Nicole Snyder
Amatuer Boxing - Golden Gloves

Johnny Lozano 
Boxing - 2008 Dallas Golden Gloves
​(152 lb Champ)

Past Fighters

Ina Prevalsky

6 Time State (Girls & Boys Div) & 5 Time US Junior Olympic Taekwondo Champ  

Kurt PItman
World Amateur Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion 

Alan Ibarra
Amatuer MMA

Jonas "J.J." Padullon
Amatuer Boxing - Golden Gloves

Katsuaki "Katsu" Kiuchi
Muay Thai

Antwan Williams 

Armando Servin 
Pro Muay Thai/MMA

Xavier Franklin
Amatuer MMA

Rodney McSwain
Pro MMA/Boxing

Joey Pena
Pro Muay Thai

Blake Wells
Amateur MMA

Marcus Hicks 

Vanessa Aliling Rojas
​Pro Muay Thai

Sunia "Nia" Filikitonga
Texas MMA Amateur Champion

Chris Jones

Jeffrey Cooper
Amatuer Muay Thai

Muay Thai & Boxing Club

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Federico David Olivera
Pro Boxing/MMA

Kevin Simmons
Amateur MMA

Johnny Shaw 
Multiple TX and US Champion 

Delis "Cuba" Borges

Will Campuzano
​Pro MMA

Darren Bradford
Amateur Kickboxing

Joshua Reilly Flynn
Amateur Muay Thai

​​​​George Prevalsky

Francisco de los Cobos
​Amatuer Muay Thai

Joseph Salas 
Pro Muay Thai/MMA

Greg Michael
Amatuer Boxing - Golden Gloves

Rafael Casias
Pro Boxing