Muay Thai & Boxing Club

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​​​​George Prevalsky


​ There are many types of students that seek us out to learn "the sweet science" They could be recreational, competitive, or just interested in the sport. No matter the type of student, they will learn that as simple and natural as it may look to spectators, boxing is an art with immense complexity and subtleties than most people could ever imagine. We provide a very structured approach to learning the
fundamentals and advanced techniques of the sport. We will make sure that you develop the basics in a fun and challenging way (sparring when you are ready), then allow you to move up to the next level when you are ready. There are 11 boxing workouts per week of 90 minutes each to choose from. Our boxing program is broken up into the following groups of classes:

​Beginners I and II: Footwork, punching body mechanics, basic combinations, focus mitt work, and conditioning. Time necessary to complete this level depends on individual's abilities: 24 to up to 50 classes of BOXING FUNDAMENTALS – or approximate time of 2 to 5 months.
Intermediate: Advanced footwork and combinations, sparring drills, bag work, focus mitts work, conditioning. Approximately 32 classes of BOXING FUNDAMENTALS, and 20 classes of Intermediate Boxing – time to complete  +/- 4 months
Advanced: competitive boxing and sparring. Requires attending 2 class/week of BOXING FUNDAMENTALS, 2 classes/week of INTERMEDIATE BOXING AND OPTIONAL PARTICIPATION IN SPARRING SESSIONS. The real interesting training begins at this level.